A message from the Chairman:


"It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Sensical, Inc. We are a dynamic

company that has a passion to serve the needs of our most important business

partner... YOU, our customer. We have assembled a team of people who are the

best in their fields and they are ready to put their experience to work for you. Our

ethical foundation is strong. Our business model is successful. Our belief in building

 long term, mutually beneficial partnerships is paramount. We believe in capital reinvestment to provide you with new solutions, to secure our place at the front of

the industry and to support a well-planned and sustained growth. Thank you for

taking the time to get to know us."


Jack Haas

Sensical Inc. Chairman


"Sensical Inc... A Passion For Doing It Right"








Sensical Inc.'s mission is to be the preferred source of custom graphics and material conversion products and to enable our customers to meet their business targets

through the creation of a long term working relationship that is based on the business

ethics founded in our Core Values.











Sensical's guiding priniciples are our Core Values. It is on this foundation that our

business decisions are made, our philosophies are carried out and our partnerships

are created.


Personal Accountability


Attention to Detail


Commitment to Personal Growth


Positive Outlook













A quality-conscious culture is our goal and we are committed to employee training

and education. These efforts are recorded and posted for management review.


Employees are also empowered and held accountable for daily decisions, creative advances and process improvements.


b  Quality-Conscious

b  Education

b  Improvements

b Committed











1978 - Sensical opens its doors in Cleveland, Ohio.


1983 - Roadway Express & General Motors Corp. become our first major customers.


1987 - Sensical, Inc. enters into the Visual Graphics Printing Business.


1997 - Sensical, Inc. enters into the J-OEM Sash Tape Business.


2001 - Sensical, Inc. enters into Material Conversion Marketplace.


2008 - Sensical, Inc. finds a new home in Solon, Ohio.


2009 - Sensical, Inc. enters into the area of sewing Automotive Interior Components.










Our objective is to create a partnership which provides solutions that allow you to meet

your customer's expectations, meet and exceed your goals and to do so with the

highest level of support offered in the industry.









Our goal, therefore, is to understand your customer's expectations and the challenges

that face your organization in meeting those expectations. We strive to be an integral

part of your team in finding solutions that meet your targets and to support those

solutions throughout the life of the program.





These are Sensical, Inc.'s current Terms of Sale


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